Greenwood Book Review

As a forest lover, Greenwood is a must-read book. Not only is it a family saga, but it also explores the aftermath of a science fiction “Great Blight,” and is an elegy to forests. It is not easy reading, but it will reward your time and attention. It is not a book for light-hearted readers,… Read More »

The New York Times List of the Best Novels of All Time

The list of the best novels of all time will be announced at a workshop for young publishers on Friday. ‘Ulysses,’ written by James Joyce, will be the first book on the list. It’s followed by ‘The Great Gatsby,’ a magical story about 1920s Long Island socialites. Joyce’s ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a… Read More »

Characters and Plots in Novels and Fiction Stories

Characters Characters are an essential part of a novel or fiction story, and can be as important as the plot and setting. There are many different types of characters. They can be the main character or sidekick, a foil or confidante, a stock character, a villain, etc. There are also archetypal characters, which have certain… Read More »

Lovely War Book Review

Lovely War is a heartwarming historical fiction novel with thoughtful themes. It deals with racism in the army, friendship, determination, and healing. It is a heartfelt book that combines historical fiction with romance. It is a great choice for book clubs and fans of romantic historical fiction. It has an exciting storyline and is a… Read More »

You Should See Me in a Crown Book Review

You should see Me in a Crown is a novel by Leah Johnson. It’s about a young woman, Liz, who lives with her grandparents. But her grandparents can’t help her fill the gap in her college funding. Liz has to tell her grandparents that she doesn’t qualify for financial aid. So when a scholarship for… Read More »

Study Guides For the Best Storyline Online Books

If you’re looking for something different, consider Storyline Online, a virtual read-along experience with animated illustrations. Developed by the Screen Actors Guild, the site is sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Hollywood’s charitable arm. At the moment, there are 30 titles available, and more are on the way. Study guides for storyline online books There… Read More »

How to Write a Good ARC Book Review

An ARC is an unfinished version of a book, sent to reviewers in exchange for a review. An ARC is not a finished product, but it is still a valuable piece of publicity for a book, so you should be sure to review it honestly. If you want to write a good review, you must… Read More »

Credence Book Review

This Credence book review will explore the characters and their complex journeys. After spending several months alone on a mountain, the characters finally open up about what they really want in life, and work towards becoming the beings they truly are. Their actions are bold and their emotions are deep. The book explores the emotional… Read More »

Lie With Me Book Review

In this lie with me book review, I’m going to share my thoughts on the French novel by Philippe Besson, which is being translated into English by Molly Ringwald. It’s a beautiful and tragic tale of love and loss, and I think Lie with Me will resonate with many readers. Paul Morris Paul Morris’ lie… Read More »