Love Story Authors

Love story authors often use a variety of styles in their novels, from romantic to tragic. They can center on the death of a beloved character and explore the theme of love. Some love story authors also use marriage as an important theme. In Emilienne Marries Connor Lavender, for example, love is a central theme,… Read More »

My Lovely Wife Book Review

My Lovely Wife is a psychological thriller and horror novel that will keep readers on their toes. It is well written, has short chapters, and is very easy to read. Its enthralling ending will leave you turning pages. The author, Katherine Dowling, has written several books, and her writing style will be appreciated by fans… Read More »

Love After Love Book Review

Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud is a debut novel about the struggles of a gay man trying to find love in a homophobic society. Set in modern Trinidad, the book is an exploration of the physical and emotional toll of loneliness without love. The author explores a variety of themes, including homophobia and immigration,… Read More »

Book Club Review – White Teeth by Samad Iqbal

Natasha’s January 8 book club meeting was a beautiful night by the ocean, complete with a stunning night sky and a refreshing breeze. The group gave White Teeth a mixed review, with an average score of 6.9/10. Although the book may have a few glaring flaws, we all enjoyed the story and the characters. Samad… Read More »

Guidelines for Writing a Book Review

A book review is a form of literary criticism that describes and analyzes books on their merit, style, and content. A review may also discuss the author of a book. There are some common guidelines for writing a review. Here are some of them: Describe the plot, comment on the author’s literary merit, and relate… Read More »

The Ghost in a Heart Shaped Box Book Review

Heart-Shaped Box is a literary novel about a rockstar who is growing old and losing his edge. The aging musician keeps a collection of haunted items. An assistant tells him about a ghost that is up for auction. He is determined to buy it but the auctioneer is determined to get rid of it. Judas… Read More »

The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis Review

The Queen’s Gambit is an inspirational novel about a young woman, Beth Harmon. Beth was born in an orphanage similar to Dotheboys Hall in Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby, but despite her humble upbringing, she quickly rises to chess greatness. This novel is an inspiring read about a woman who used her intelligence and determination to… Read More »

Severance Book Review

Candace Chen’s Severance is a captivating novel that will make you question your life choices and the meaning of religion. Unlike the realism you might expect in a novel, Ling Ma combines lightheartedness and somberness with humor, making the book a compelling read. Candace’s vivid memories and precise descriptions will ground you in her emotional… Read More »

Little Women Book Review

If you’re looking for a little women book review, you’ve come to the right place. The classic novel series by Louisa May Alcott has a diverse group of characters. From Meg to Jo to Amy to Brooke, these women all have unique voices, which makes them a great read. Read our little women book review… Read More »

Desperate Measures Book Review

This desperate measures book review will look at the third book in Bannister’s series, set in a small town in England. It is the story of young policewoman Hazel Best, Gabriel Ash, and their unlikely friendship that builds ties that stretch beyond their wildest dreams. This novel features characters that are a mix of flawed… Read More »